New Media training: TOT in Beirut

Today, Nour Eddine and I attended the 1st day of training in Beirut on New Media. We met all the teams from Lebanon, Tunisia, Jordan, Yemen and managing team from IIE San Francisco. Beth Kanter, CEO of Zoetica, animated today's session on Networking. It was very interesting to learn some of the new features and terminology of Social Media like network mapping, network weaving, hub, cluster ... It's been very inspirational to learn from all the team and discuss how to adapt the program to each country.

And now we started the final session of today's training and this part is covered by Andrea Burton who's the project Manager for the Online Learning Community for Meedan, which is an Arabic-English forum using machine translation with expert corrections. During her presentation, Andrea explained the mission and activities of Meedan and the way NGOs can benefit from it.

We enjoy the interaction of this training as we're learning new skills of social media, learning more about each other's countries and also enjoying the Lebanese delicious food.

We looking forward to the upcoming days of this training :)

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