Interview with Beth Kanter, Social Media Expert

" learn something new every day...That is the way you will become a master of using social media effectively"

How can NGOs use Social Media?

There are many valuable results that your organization can realize from integrating social media into your communications plan. These are:

  • Keep current audiences engaged between performances
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Identify and recruit new audiences to your events, programs, concerts. or exhibits
  • Inspire conversation online/offline to support audience development
  • Get new ideas and feedback on programs and services
  • Research what people are saying about your art
  • Drive traffic to web site or blog
  • Social content generation
  • Identify and build relationships with influencers, allies & supporters
  • The key is that you have a clear and measurable objective, target the right audience, and use multiple channels.

Through your experience in social media, how would you advise Moroccan NGOs to use social Media Tools ?

Go slowly and be strategic in your choices. Always ask if using that tool is the best use of your time. With that said, make a commitment to learning and experimenting -- learn something new every day. That is the way you will become a master of using social media effectively.

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