How to Benefit Your Online Presence: Part One

4 Easy Ways to Bring Traffic to Your Blog

By Kaitlin Daddona

1. Keep It Fresh: Blogs need to be kept up to date and alive. Try, for about an hour a day, to brainstorm ideas for captivating articles. They can often simply be reviews of relevant or related sites, or strictly about your business- but be sure to mix it up. Make sure the post will be valuable or at least interesting to readers- if it isn’t they won’t read/subscribe. Try to post really substantial, big articles every week or so.

2. Be Visual: Post links, pictures, or anecdotes daily to keep your blog animated.

3. Interact: At first, spend a half hour a day NETWORKING. Comment on other, relevant blogs, and INTERACT with people!

4. Promote!: Paste your blog’s URL in tweets (from personal accounts too!), posts in forums, and on Facebook.

Kaitlin Daddona is a sophomore public relations major in the College of Communication at Boston University, and an intern at E-mediat Morocco. Follow her: @itskaitdaddona

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