Workshop 1: Day 2

1-      Ribbon exercise
-          Each participant will define a need, which should be satisfied by a member of the group.
Ex: participant 1: my NGO is preparing a summer camp program and we need volunteers to mentor
Participant 2: we had the same activity last year and we worked with college students   who volunteered with our NGO during summer vacation.
-          The ribbon will go from the person that asks the question to the person that answers the question,
-          At the end of this exercise, 25% or 50% of the group needs may be satisfied because questions were asked and this is what social media is mainly about and networked will be weaved with the ribbon.

2-      Brainstorming on yesterday’s session

3-      SM strategy template

4-      SMART: introduce SMART through examples and then ask participants to SMART their actions through a group exercise.

5-      Identify your audience: in this section, we explained to participants the need to identify their audience by focusing on:
-          Main/core audience
-          Relays/mediators: people and groups that can help relate/reach to their main audience
Ex: Qwitter:1-  main audience is smokers who would like to quit smoking 2- Relays might be Doctors, hospitals that work on anti-smoking programs, wives can also be part of our target

6-      Then I moved to relating a specific audience to a specific social media tool
Ex: qwitter: smokers & Twitter

7-      SM cards game (each SM card has a specific number of points)
Which SM tools for which action: participants will be divided into groups. Each group will define an action and will select SM tools/strategy to conduct their action. Each group should not exceed more than 6 points in total. Participants will brainstorm with each other and then each group will present their SM strategy. 

Find our workshop 1 day 2 PPT on: LINK

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