E-Mediat Morocco NGOs participation in Maa Chabab Radio Program

Prepared by Widad EL HANAFI, E-Mediat Morocco Country Director

On December 22nd E-Mediat Morocco Team and NGOs were invited to participate in Maa Chabab (youth) Radio Live program. In total, Six participating NGOs in the E-Mediat Morocco Program were able to participate. Three NGOs (AMADEP from Ain Leuh village, Arkhabil Association from Tigrigra village, NAMAA from Wislane-Meknes) came National Radio  headquarters in Rabat and three NGOs (Al Amal Association in Guenfouda village, Association of Youth without Borders in Azrou, Al Amal Association in Ain Beni Mathar village in l’Oriental) participated via phone calls.
During this live radio program, NGOs were able to share their experience with Social Media and participation in the E-Mediat Morocco program. NGOs explained the way social media tools enabled them to network, advocate, promote their NGOs & villages and participate in local management  within their regions.
You can follow Audio recording of E-Mediat Morocco participation in Maa Chabab Radio Program on Soundcloud via http://soundcloud.com/widad-el-hanafi/maa-chabab-2
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