Ten Ways to “Up” Your Twitter Followers Effectively

How to Benefit Your Online Presence: Part Two
Ten Ways to “Up” Your Twitter Followers Effectively
By Kaitlin Daddona

Twitter is growing into one of the most influential social media platforms online today. The number of Twitter followers an account accumulates is very important- but so is the quality of followers. 

Here are my top ten ways to gain contacts on Twitter who will benefit your organization in one way or another:

1.  Retweet, Retweet, Retweet! Be sure to not only retweet those relevant tweets from people you follow, but encourage your followers to retweet YOUR tweets.  This way, your tweets get sent out pretty much everywhere, and tons more people see what you’re saying!

2.  Hashtags Are Your Friends!: Hashtags are INTEGRAL to gaining more followers.  A simple hashtag, if a good one is used, can increase your followers substantially.  Use relevant phrases and terms to what you’re talking about.

3.  Trending Topics: Also be sure to use the trending topics for your country/region.  Often, they may be unconnected to your cause, but they will undoubtedly raise attention for your account.  Of course, don’t choose a hashtag or trending topic that is too unrelated.

4.  Inform: Make sure your bio is filled out as best as possible! Include your website or blog with the information!

5.  Give Your “Autograph:” Include your Twitter handle everywhere- even in your signature for company (or personal!) email accounts.

6.  Love Everyone!:When people start following you, send them some love! People love attention, and when they get it, they will most likely tweet back at you, therefore spreading your handle to their friends. (Be sure to check your @replys, to make sure you don’t miss anyone!)

7.   Did I Say Hashtag?: When tweeting people back (which is almost ALWAYS encouraged) use hashtags there too! Even in simple online conversation. Every # counts. 

8.  Tag and Label: When posting links, TAG AND LABEL THEM! For example:

            [Here, Ellen posted the link (on.wsj.com/j2Jspt), some pertinent hashtags (#socialmedia, #twitter, #engagement) and credited the source (@WSJ)].

9.  The Right Place at the Right Time...:You want to tweet during the best times of the day, when the most people are online, from about 10 AM to 4 PM.  Provide your most important tweets from 1 PM- 2 PM. (http://timely.is/?utm_source=whoshouldifollow.com&utm_medium=redirect&utm_campaign=wsif-redirect#/ - Sends out tweets for you at the most important times!)

10. The Best Day of The Week: Participate in #followfriday! Follow Friday is a GREAT way to get your twitter handle out to the twitterverse. 

Kaitlin Daddona is a sophomore public relations major in the College of Communication at Boston University, and an intern at E-mediat Morocco. Follow her: @itskaitdaddona

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