Top 7 Ways to Increase Facebook Fans

How to Benefit Your Online Presence

Top 7 Ways to Increase Facebook Fans

By Kaitlin Daddona

Today, the more likes you have on Facebook, along with the more followers you have on Twitter offer the best credibility when it comes to supporting your cause.  Using the “Suggest to Friends” button to increase your following may often fail- people easily become annoyed by constant invitations to fan pages, and the number of invitations often multiplies in inboxes. 

Here are the best ways to increase your Facebook fans:

1.Let Them Like You: Use widgets in your blogs, like the ones found here:  They are easy to set up, and making a person click “like” on a blog automatically makes them a fan of your Facebook account!
2.Reach Out: Sending Facebook invitations to people who you know are interested in your organization will be successful most of the time. Send these invitations to blog subscribers and people you communicate with about the organization through email. 
3.Be Personable: Use phrases like, “Share your story!” or “Share your pictures!” in your statuses to get subscribers/fans to be more interactive.  Being personable with these people helps- they want to be treated like individuals.
4.Tag Your Photos: When pictures are added, TAG THE PHOTOS.  Having different people and NGOs linked to the page will bring more people to view your albums and eventually, your page. 
5.Utilize Your Platforms: You want to use as many pages as you can to advertise your organization’s pages.  Put links to your NGO page on personal profiles, blogs, tweets, etc.  Any advertisement works.
6.Tag Again: Tag your organization in your personal profile’s statuses.  As long as you’re a fan of your own page, you can mention it in a status.  Just start typing @ and the name of your organization’s Facebook account and you should be able to click it right in!
7.Connect: Make sure ALL platforms are linked. This means to ensure that links to all of your social media accounts are available on each separate account.  Networking within your own Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc. is integral.

Kaitlin Daddona is a sophomore public relations major in the College of Communication at Boston University, and an intern at E-mediat Morocco. Follow her: @itskaitdaddona

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