How non-profit in Morocco use Social Media tools: Arkhabil Association Ait Oualla village

Arkhabil Association of Cultures for Development  is a local association is located 5 kilometers from the city of Azrou in the village of Ait Oualla in Tigrigra constituency  and it is a non-governmental organization that has several goals including  cultural, educational, environmental, health and tourism and organizes  several activities to help promote  and advance the region.
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Why did you join E-mediat Morocco Program?
We joined the program to learn social media tools and use them to publicize our association and its activities and the creation of partnerships with various associations and NGOs and find resources for our association. We enjoy being part of this program and we appreciate training method which focuses on both theory and practice and this complementarity has helped us understand better Social Media tools through which our NGO became more open than before.
How does your NGO use Social Media tools?
Our NGO uses Social Media tools by relating each tool to the other instead of using them separately. We learned that separating social media tools will not help us reach the maximum of people. We also learned through the e-mediat program to use Social Media tools within a strategic plan to promote our NGO and increase our audience and network. This program has helped move from an NGO that is known at the local level to the international level.
Examples of growth in your organization due to Social Media tools:
Thanks to Social Media tools, our NGO became popular at the regional, national and international levels. At the local level, our NGO has reached a bigger audience and this was not the case before.  We also started a participatory approach and this is how our audience learn and get involved in our activities and enjoy the right to express their opinions and propose new activities. For example, we organized a mini-soccer tournament after Ramadan and we were able to enroll 18 teams from different villages in our constituency and the city of Azrou thanks to Social Media tools and before we were unable to reach even 10 teams.
What goals have you been able to reach as NGO through Social Media tools?
Social Media tools have helped us promote our NGO's  activities nationally and internationally and build a strong network. In addition to that, we have been able to create partnerships with other NGOs.  These tools have also helped us communicate with a large audience that can express their opinions and propositions and hence build and strengthen our network.  


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