Our NGO uses Social Media tools successfully: Our secret is team work

The Association of  hands of art for Development and Peace (AMADEP) is located in Ein Leuh in the province of Ifrane. AMADEP works in various sectors including education, culture, environment, health, tourism and human rights.
E-mail: fononayadi@yahoo.fr  / aberbache.elhachmi @ gmail.com 
Blog: http://amadep.blogspot.com
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How does your NGO uses the social media tools?
We have developed a strategic plan to use the various tools of social media. Thus, we have created accounts on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Blogger, Gmail, Picassa, ...We've created a Facebook page to promote our NGO's activities and to establish a means of communication with all stakeholders and representatives of civil society. We have also created Facebook groups that are managed by our NGO. Also, we have created a blog to publish our activities and announcements and promote the work of our NGO and we have linked our blog to our Facebook page.This is done by a team composed of members of the association. The team is working to use the various tools in technology in a complementary approach in order to achieve better results.

What are the objectives that your NGO could reach through social media tools?
Our NGO was able to achieve several objectives:
• The promotion of the association through the dissemination of its various activities and objectives to the public at national and international
• Creation of partnerships with national and international organizations,
• The creation of social networks through communication with various actors, institutions of public and private sector and the media
• The creation of an association to lobby pressure on decision makers and make gains and win rights for the benefit of our community and civil society organizations

In your opinion, how can NGOs  use social media?
NGOs can use social media:
1 - by developing a strategic plan based on the general philosophy of the organization and its needs and
2 - through Teamwork: we must mobilize and involve human skills within the organization and create a team dedicated to this component,
3 - self-training or participation in training workshops on social media
4 - ensure the implementation of social media  tools gradually with the need to focus on priorities and to link the various tools

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