E-Mediat Morocco: Program Implementation & NGOs achievements through Social Media Tools

The E-Mediat program aims to increase NGO knowledge and skills to use new media effectively and to promote their access to these new communication channels to enable them to advance their unique missions and strengthen their organizations.

NGOS Achievements Via Social Media : From training to autonomy
More than 50 NGOs working in rural and urban areas are benefiting of E-Mediat Morocco training sessions, which have started since June 2011. At this stage, NGOs benefiting from the E-Mediat Morocco program are preparing their NGOs’ Social Media Strategies and implementing several activities through these tools in different areas including:
Local Affairs Management through Social Media:
The AMADEP association in Ein leuh in the region of Azrou is using tools of social media in order to contribute to local management of their village.  Thus, the association has created a group on facebook for this purpose. The group gathers several NGOs from the village who have decided to create a regional consortium. Their experience has become very popular and is now duplicated in other villages in the region of Azrou. Actually, the group aims at duplicating this experience at the national level. The AMADEP has additionally created a blog for the association http://amadep.blogspot.com in order to promote their activities and another blog http://ifranepress.blogspot.com/, which is an electronic newspaper of the Ifrane province.
Promote our NGO, Expand our Network & Develop partnerships
Arkhabil Association of Culture and Cevelopment is situated 5 kilometeres away from the city of Azrou in the village of Ait Ouall located in the Tigrigra constituency. The association is aiming at contributing to the promotion and the development of the region through the implementation of several projects focusing on culture, education, environment, health and rural tourism. In this respect, Arkhabil has created a blog http://assarkhabilarkhabil.blogspot.com/  and a Facebook page to ptomote their activities and reinforce their outreach strategy with its network on the local, national and international levels. Arkhabil Photo Album on Picassa: https://picasaweb.google.com/104379977709289533352/AssArkhabilTakafat?authkey=Gv1sRgCIzUjPrJ4vrOEw
The Moroccan-American association for Communication and Cultural cooperation MAACCC is an association of graduates and students of the faculty of letters in Meknes. It manages its network and expands it through its Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Moroccan-American-Association-For-Communication-and-Cultural-Cooperation/177649078948487
Launch  campaigns
The theatre association for culture and development in the region of Ifrane has launched a campaign on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/kytab in order to collect 5000 books on human development for secondary schools students in the region of Azrou.
Namaa association for development, training and communication in Wisslane in the city of Meknes advocates and manages its local area as well as its activities through its page on Facebook  http://www.facebook.com/pages/جمعية-نماء-للتنمية-والتكوين-والتواصل-ويسلان/196353690394897

E-Mediat program: 

The E-mediat program aims to increase NGO knowledge and skills to use new media effectively and to promote their access to these new communication channels to enable them to advance their unique missions and strengthen their organizations.

It is a program of international cooperation, administered by the Institute for International Education (IIE) and funded by the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) of the United States Department of State with the support and kind donations from Microsoft, Cisco and the CraigList Charitable Fund.

In addition to Morocco, the program is implemented in five other countries in the MENA region, namely Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, UAE and Yemen.

E-Mediat Morocco:
For the year 2011-2012, the E-Mediat Morocco program is hosted by the Tanmia association in Rabat and implemented in the Oriental and the Middle Atlas regions in partnership with:
1-     AGEF Oriental in Oujda
2-     The Centre of Azrou for community development of Al Akhawayn University, and
3-     The association of Youth without borders in Meknes El Hajeb.
E-Mediat Morocco training sessions have started since June 2011 and are implemented through the following schedule:
·         Workshop 1"Social Media Overview and Strategic planning" Oujda (June 17, 18, 19), Meknès (June 24, 25, 26) et Azrou (June 27, 28,29),
·         Workshop 2 "Social Media & Networked NGOs: listening and web presence"  Oujda (July 23,24), Azrou (July 27,28) et Meknès (Juillet 29,30),
·         Workshop 3 “ Strategic use of social networks for NGOs: Facebook & Twitter” Meknes (September 24-25), Azrou (September 26,27) et Oujda (October 1, 2).
·         Workshop Microsoft 1 “Microsoft Office2010 et video Editing via Movie Maker” Azrou (26, 27 October), Meknes (29,30 October) Oujda (12, 13 November).
·         Workshop 4 “Digital Movies production & internet activism planned on December 2011.
·         Workshop Microsoft 2 “Microsoft Live Essentials” planned in December 2011
·         Workshop 5 Mobile Strategy & Shared lessons” planned in January 2012
·         Workshop Microsoft 3 “Microsoft Expression Studio for Web”  planned in January 2011
Picture of E-Mediat Morocco workshops on Picassa:

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For a better communication and exchange with NGOs participating in training, partners and all Internet users, the team of the "E-mediat» Morocco has launched the blog program http://e-mediat-morocco.blogspot.com. This blog includes rich and varied topics: educational tools related to social media, news articles on the progress of the program, Success Stories ...

We invite you to visit our blog and our Facebook page and follow our updates via Twitter @emediatmorocco.

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For more information on E-mediat Morocco, do not hesitate to contact Widad EL HANAFI, the Program Director in Morocco via email: widad.el.hanafi@gmail.com 

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