What's New in YouTube Interface?

Prepared by El Mehdi Zeroual, E-Mediat Morocco Training Coordinator

YouTube is one of the best tools for marketing since it is ranked second (right after Google) as a search engine. Also YouTube is the first website for diffusion, broadcasting and sharing videos online. And the best of it is that it is free for both viewing and sharing.

In addition to Gmail and Blogger, YouTube is another Google product that was updated. The new interface includes changes on the home page, channel page and the overall design. This new YouTube interface shares a number of aspects with other updated Google products. 

Since the homepage is the first page that users see and because it is the gateway to millions of videos, Google made in-depth changes on it such as bigger video thumbnails.  In addition, YouTube is getting more social by adding a number of functionalities including:

-          Integration of a sidebar for easier access to content
-          Highlighting recent Channel activity.
-          Simplified subscription system to channels.
-          Link YouTube account to Google+ and Facebook
-          New customizable  homepage feed

Since Google gives more focus to channels on the new homepage, it wouldn’t be complete if they didn’t update channels as well. Channels now are simpler and customizable. New templates are added to respond to all users’ needs. Channels administrators can organize and present their content in a more simplified way. Other than updates on design, Google’s goal is to help users find videos they are looking for easily.  

To bring Homepage and Channels designs together, Google used the same paint for the whole site. The new design is called Cosmic Panda which is cleaner and simpler as all other Google products new designs. 

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